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All tourists are the chief guest for Mount High Wind Trekking & Mountaineering Uttarkashi as well as we go ahead with Atithi Devo Bhava Mantra. This is our duty as well and it is also related to our values. All guides HAP cooks, helpers, porters, etc. of Mount High Wind Trekking & Mountaineering Uttarkashi are also well explained about guest Devo Bhava. Only after that departure is allowed. All tourists are an invaluable heritage for us. And it is our duty as well as our responsibility to take all the tourists to the right place safely.

Introduction Mount High Wind Company has so far achieved a lot in Trekking and Mountaineering Mount High Wind Adventures offers all kinds of activities

1. Trekking & Mountaineering, 2. Road Expedition, 3. Jungle Safari, 4. cycling, 5. Biking, 6. Bird watching, 7. Skiing, 8, Zipline rafting capping, and all kinds of adventure sports activities.

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Mount high wind trekking and mountaineering are also being done in Uttarakhand, Himachal, Ladakh etc.
Director of Mount High Wind is working as Co-Secretary, Secretary, President of Garhwal Himalaya Trekking and Mountaineering Association and is still working People working in Mount High Wind have more than 25 years of trekking and mountaineering experience and Connecting the young generation associated with adventure tourism with employment
Adventure tourism in Uttarakhand Uttarkashi is called the most beautiful tourism, here people believe in gods and goddesses, people here are honest as well as their nature is like God, people here follow their duties properly and you have done your work. They work diligently and keep doing their work without desiring the fruits, Mount High Wind is also providing employment to the young generation associated with adventure tourism, along with the same education, demons are also coming, you also give us an opportunity to serve you once.

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You have to inform all that along with Mount High Wind Trekking and Mountaineering, you are also doing Char Dham Yatra in which first Yamanotri then Gangotri then. Kedarnath Badrinath Along with these four dhams, Chopta, Tungnath, Deviriyatal, Kalpa Kedar Madhameswar Vanshi Narayan Temple Panch Kedar also includes visits to all types of temples as well as Gomukh.
Mount High Wind Provides All Kinds of Facilities Give You a One Time Service Opportunity:

Where does the journey start and how does it end?
It is believed that the Chardham Yatra begins with a bath in the Ganges in Haridwar. From here, first of all, the Dham of Mother Yamuna is traveled. After that, Baba reaches Kedar’s door after seeing Maa Ganga and Badri is the last step of the huge journey. If you are from outside Uttarakhand, then it is better to return from here via Haridwar. This entire journey takes 8 to 10 days.

chardham 2022


Devotees who do Char Dham due to religious beliefs, they still travel in the manner described, but those who travel from the point of view of tourism, they should not go to the entire Char Dham, it is not necessary. Secondly, now the pattern and rules of the journey have changed, so due to the difficulties in registration, the selection of dhams is also happening. For some time, due to the completion of registration of Kedarnath, many devotees are turning to other Dhams.

Kedarnaath dham 2022