1. It is very important to get the guide HAP, cook, helper and insured going in each team.
  2. It is mandatory for the porters going trekking and mountaineering to carry 20 kg.
  3. Every team should keep encouraging the porters from time to time.
  4. A 20% deposit is required at the time of booking each dal. And the team will have to deposit 50% amount before departure, only after that the team will proceed further.
  5.  After completing the program, each team will have to make the full payment to Mount High Wind Tracking and Mountaineering as per the rules.
  6.  All the members will have to take care of their safety as well as their belongings, and it will be mandatory to follow the guidelines given by the guides.
  7. Mount High Wind Tracking & Mountaineering accepts no responsibility for natural disasters caused by inclement weather.
  8. If any tourist goes any rock climbing and mountaineering then it will be the responsibility of the tourists themselves if any kind of incident happens.
  9. Whilst we maintain high professional standards of client care and safety, you must realize and understand that climbing, mountaineering, and other mountain-related activities all take place in hazardous terrain. The risks involved can be minimized but never entirely eliminated. We therefore, as well as these Terms & Conditions, draw your attention to our Participation Statement and Safety Policy and ask that all clients read and agree to these before booking a course with us.