What is the literal meaning of Uttarakhand?
The literal meaning of Uttarakhand is a variation of the northern land. This name is mentioned in early Hindu texts, where it is mentioned as Kedarkhand (present-day Garhwal) and Manaskhand (present-day Kumaon). Uttarakhand is also an ancient mythological word that was used for the spread between the Himalayas.
Keeping in mind the geographical conditions of Uttarakhand, tourists here can enjoy cycling here on trails such as Uttarkashi to Dodital, Daira, Uttarkashi to Purali village, Uttarkashi to Harsil Gangotri, Nelang, Jadung Ka. Can take a walk. This place is a religious place as well as a tourist place. This area is an ancient, mythological, and historical religious place, you can give your guidance to the residents of the area to keep this area clean. Also, you can contact Mount High Wind Tracking and Mountaineering for a cycling expedition.

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