Dodital is a freshwater lake in Uttarkashi district, Uttarakhand, India, situated at a height of 3,024 meters (9,921 ft). The Assi Ganga river emerges from Dodital and joins Bhagirathi at the confluence in Gangori, near Uttarkashi.

A moderate trek that starts from the Bhagirathi valley goes up to the lake of Dodital (wrapped in the perfect wilderness) to the alpine meadows and crosses over at Darwa Pass (4150 M) to the Yamuna watershed. Traditionally this trek has been continuously used by the Gujjars, the nomadic herdsmen who get their buffaloes to the high meadows every summer, and occasionally by the pilgrims/sadhus walking between Gangotri and Yamunotri. This trek is a brilliant summer getaway.

Day 1. Dehradun to Agora Village.

Day 2. Agora village to Majhi

Day 3. Majhi to Dodital Darva to Seema

Day 4. Seema to Hanumanchatti

Day 5. Hanumanchatti to Dehradun

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