Gidara Bugyal is a Bugyal (Himalayan Alpine Meadows) in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. Gidara Bugyal is a trekking and camping destination. The Bugyal has an average elevation of 4309m. The Bugyal has a great expanse of lush green meadows and Himalayan peaks such as Bandarpunch, and Gangotri can be seen clearly from here. The trek to this Bugyal is around 20 km and starts from Gangnani, which is about 48 km from Uttarkashi.

The Bugyal can also be reached from Dayara Bugyal and is 20 km ahead of Dayara Bugyal. Gidara Bugyal is a lesser-known trek due to its altitude and difficulty. The best time to visit Gidara Bugyal is either in the month of June when some patches of the land are covered with snow or in the month of September when the snow has melted. The region remains unapproachable during the winter due to the trek route which remains covered with snow. It is one of the highest and largest high-altitude meadows and larger than the twin meadows of Ali and Bedni Bugyal as well. Bamsaru Tal, situated at an elevation of 4812m is also a place to visit and is located 10 km ahead of Gidara Bugyal

Day 1. Dehradun. Reach Bhangeli Village

Day 2. Bhangeli Village to Munda ka Thatthar

Day 3. Munda ka Thatthar to Thiriya

Day 4. Thiriya to Thalotya

Day 5.  Thalotya via Gidara Top to Thalotya

Day 6. Thalotya to Bhangeli Village

Day 7. Bhangeli Village to Dehradun.

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