The names of the birds found in bird watching at places named Bhatora, Tangik Dugarda, Lingsing, and Dargau of Purali village of Uttarkashi district are as follows. Bhekda, Malio, Harkda, Kathakhod, Chilada, Crow, Garuda, Ratia, Munal, Chakora, etc., many types of birds are found at this place. If you are fond of bird watching, then you can enjoy your pleasure by coming to this place. And from this area, you can enjoy many types of trekking and skiing. Many types of animals are found in this area apart from musk deer, bard and wild boar, bear, and tiger. And here there is a forest full of herbs, colorful flowers, bugyals, and dense forests with Bhojpatra, Thelu, Kedar Patti, Brahma Kamal, as well as deodar, there are many types of waterfalls here. Purali village is situated at a distance of 65 kilometers from Uttarkashi district, where all these facilities are available. If you want to enjoy this area, then Mount High Wind can be done by trekking and mountaineering.

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