It is believed that the Brahmi snake god reached Brahmi Taal by making three jumps from Tibet. The first jump was on the Mukhba Nag road, the second jump at Bichpuri, and the third jump at Brahmi Taal. Because Lord Vishnu had given rise to Jalandhar. Even today the stone of Lord Vishnu is a scholar in the temple of Harshil Lakshmi Narayan. This place got its name Harshil from the name of Hari’s rock. It is mentioned in the Kedar Khand Purana that an angel from Devlok comes to bathe in this pond, as well as it is believed that till now no doli has been able to bathe in this pond, only the doli of Brahmi Nag Devta can bathe. The doli of Brahmi Nag Devta is sitting in Purali village. Jolly Peak, Draupadi’s Danda, Shrikanth, Bandarpooch, Sudarsan, etc. peaks are visible from Brahmi Tal. The height of Brahmi Tal is around 40500 meters. Here many types of herbs along with Brahma Kamal
And colorful flowers are found. Tourists can easily come here for bird watching, tracking, and skiing, because many birds like Munnal, Ratia, Chakora, etc. are found here. This area is full of deodar forests and skiing can also be done here easily in winter, network facility is available at this place for 12 months, so you can come on this trek anytime in 12 months. To see the snow in Brahmi Taal Trek, you can enjoy the snow in April, May, June, and July, August, and September is the season to see Brahma Kamal and other types of flowers.

Day 1. Dehradun to Uttarkashi night stay at Purali Village, Driving 7-8 Hour’s.

Day 2. Purali to Hangti hora.

Day 3. Hangti Hora to Tipriya, Adau.

Day 4. Adau to Brahmi Tal back Purali Village.

Day 5. Purali village to Uttarkashi same day Dehradun.

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